Credit Card Processing

Few merchants today can survive without accepting credit card payments from their consumers. At Red Payments we believe that every merchant should have the ability to accept credit card payments without incurring astronomical costs, which stifle business opportunities and prohibit expansion. Red provides you with the ability to accept all payment types and processes transactions the way you prefer; in real-time or deferred processing, quickly, and securely. Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

In our continued effort to recognize the uniqueness and individuality of each merchant, at Red we offer a wide array of processing options for every type of business. Whether you are running a retail location where the merchant manually swipes the card or an online business where you need the ability to accept credit card payment through your website, we have the right solution to meet your unique needs. At Red we also recognize the mobility of today’s merchant. For merchants who are constantly on the road, wireless credit card processing means secure transactions and the safety of not having to handle cash or checks while away from their primary office.

With a team of experts working for you, Red will help you determine what your best possible card processing solution is at the lowest possible cost. Our extensive experience working with clients in various industries including Retail, Restaurant, Supermarket, Hotel/Lodging, Auto-Rental, Gas & Convenience Stations, Mail & Telephone Order, Home-Based, and E-Commerce Internet merchant accounts gives us the necessary knowledge to meet all of your specific needs.