Credit Card Processing

Accept all credit cards using our platform. We are a leading provider in US of the quickest, most reliable, safest and least expensive way to process credit card transactions. Our platform works with Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express. 

Debit Processing

We allow your customers to use their debit cards and get instant access to the funds in their bank account. Our platform allows you to surcharge every transaction and make extra profit on every order. 

Gift & Loyalty Program

Gift cards are an ideal way for customers to recommend your business to potential new customers, while also giving them the choice to buy exactly what they like. We can create gift cards with your logo and help you process gift and loyalty card transactions. 

Business Advance

If your business needs a loan we are here for you. Get the working capital you need without the hassle and requirements of a bank loan. Businesses with proven revenue may qualify for a business cash advance with no collateral or business plan.